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The project started about 3 years ago (2015) when a few of the guys from the NYYYC wanted to prototype a 7075 yoyo. Louie Séda ordered 10 prototypes of the original Empire that Lando, Brandon and I (Wilbert Chavez) had designed. We had fun but it just wasn’t to the level of our expectations so a year or two later I decided to give it another shot and get some other protos. Those protos were the 7068 bimetal Empire. I took them to worlds 2017 and got tons of great feedback so I decided to do a small run of 75. Along with the 75 I ordered another monometal prototype called Matador and it came out amazing so I ordered those and recently received 99 of them. My project started out wanting to create something that was our own. Now I continue to make yoyos that I enjoy and with the support of my club I have been able to release these two models. I use my collection of over 130 unique 1A yoyos that I have curated to influence what I want in my yoyo. Spintime currently operates out of the Bronx in NYC. Spintime is in the NYC Empire theme with the Empire and Matador representing the Empire State Building and the Wall Street bull representative of the modern empire with other cool designs to come.